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Людмила Герасимова - Встречай Царя

Встречай Царя

Людмила Герасимова
Трэков: 10
Оценка: 78%
Доп. Инфо: Нет
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1) 01 Heaven   3.82  
2) 02 How great is Your love   3.74  
3) 03 Meet King of Kings   3.34  
4) 04 For you   3.59  
5) 05 Life is given once   4.83  
7) 07 Love is like   4.35  
8) 08 Ya za tebya umiral   4.11  
9) 09 Quetly Savior will come to   3.82  
10) 10 Children of King of kings   10.89  

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valushka87 - 10/20/2009 4:33 PM
Gr8 VoIcE aNd SoNgS
LuV iT
kEeP sInGiNg AnD GoD bLeSs

zeozia - 07/07/2009 11:54 AM
niznaiy kto i 4to tyt pishyt no mne eti pesni o4eni nraviatsia so smislom pesni molodtsi tak derjati

buburuzza - 05/08/2009 2:35 AM
А мелодия первой песне принадлежит Ванессе Май, интиреснно кто композитор, да и голос не реальный.
Ой, не нравится мне все это!! Я не против альбома, красивый. И я не понимаю мы что здесь на конкурс, кто красивее поет, смешно.

oksanamychko - 04/01/2009 6:28 AM
pomogite nayti fonogramy dlya pesni pod #2 s etogo alboma. Please help me! my daugher want to sing this song in chuch. Thank You!

sasha28 - 02/27/2009 2:16 PM
i personally looove track number 4,8, and 10.
there amazing!
luda make more, your voice, choice of words are awsome.
god bless you and your songs.

sasha28 - 02/27/2009 2:37 PM
come on you guys. you have no right to judge. only god can. music is music ppl make it there way, just respect it especially if its christian.
if you think its so easy then make it yourself, and then see what ppl have to say about yours!
just enjoy listening it, leaving comments here isnt to judge but to say if you like it or not.
personally i love it, yeah maybe music got some extra, but the voices and the words are the points.
god bless you all.

belachka - 12/24/2008 4:26 PM
bella 12/23/08 A gde track # 6? Ya slihala ochen horoshaya pesnya!!!!!

belachka - 12/24/2008 3:43 PM
bella 12/24/08 ludmila , so beautifull , love ur voice AND repertuar this is true blessing make MORE, MORE Please!!!!!!!! SUPER na 100%

svyso - 12/10/2008 8:00 PM
I totally agree with vanka_90
please put christian music not Jessicas simpsons
--thank you

eugene - 11/25/2008 2:27 PM
Не догнать Людмиле Герасимовой Люду Пинчук по процентам.

abaranova - 09/23/2008 11:57 AM
vanka_90 and others against this album... OBVIOUSLY you don't understand music. I think this is good. You don't know any thing about her, how can you critisize her. I think she does her best to give it all to God. Yes, she has melodies from unchristian bands (singers), but at least she doesn't go around singing their songs and calling them christian. She probably wanted to make something that would interest young people more, so they wouldn't listen to the unchristian stuff. I'm sorry, but, i don't think its your place to judge people. If she did something wrong, God will judge her. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. Don't wine about it. There are so many albums on this site where the music is soo bad that I would rather listen to non christian music, then that stuff. Everyone has a different calling, maybe this is her's. Please don't ruin this good music for those of us that really enjoy it. Thanks.

anastasiya - 05/26/2008 8:47 PM
Yeah I don't like her songs either. I agree with Eugene and Sarah. У неё хороший голос, но не очень хорошая музыка.

sarah - 03/15/2008 12:51 PM

Wsemu swoe wremja.

Kogdato bilo sa 80%.

Moshet bit kogdanibud i natashu litwinenko sperwogo mesta sdwinit!

eugene - 03/05/2008 4:54 AM
Если эта CD SUPER-тогда почему рейтинг понизился с78% до70%?

sarah - 02/29/2008 2:51 PM

A mne wserawno skolko poloshitelnih argumentow!

Eta CD prosto SUPER!

eugene - 02/22/2008 4:39 AM
2 --положительных аргумента.

vanka_90 - 01/10/2008 10:07 AM
Whoever Said this is Good. ALL I CAN SAY IS THIS IS CRAP. Really cheap music and her voice is just like my little 3 year old sister. Thats just garbage. Singing like that doesnt go for christianity. Singers think that if they add in a little Hollywood then they would sell a little better. By the way thats not what being christian is about. If you want to sing for god then make some nice christian music and not this crap. People think that maybe if i make some songs christian then they might sell more so that i can make more money. God is watching. Plus you still wont make much from this site.

Thank u

sarah - 01/03/2008 3:55 PM
ludmila ne kopiruet Jesiccu Simpson ili Jennifer Lopez.
moshet oni ludmilu kopirujut?

eugene - 10/14/2007 1:26 AM
Мнение alli-- аргумент положительный.

alli - 10/09/2007 2:33 AM
Great album except for the fact that she copied Jesicca Simpson, Rachael Lampa, Westlife, and Jennifer Lopez. She used their music and just switched the words, but anyway I think it sounds great!