EnjoyMP3s API


Welcome to EnjoyMP3s.com developers' program. Due to a request from our users to create an API for our services we have taken our time and built a simple API. The API request is a simple URL, and the response is in XML format for compatibility to all platforms and programming languages. This API can be used to build a app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android OS, Windows, Linux, Mac or any other Internet-enabled devices. It can also be used directly from your web hosting server to let users listen to our music right on your server the way you like it. Now you can have a valuable content on your web page or your app for free.


It is easy to use the API if your English language skill is OK. We hope to write detailed instructions on how to implement the API, but for now you have a chance to figure it out yourself. All the parameters and XML node names are self-explanatory. If you don't understand anything in this API, feel free to contact website administrator for help. We will be glad to make it all clear.

Here are all the possible URL calls. Click on each link to see the response and learn the format of the response XML structure.









For questions, recommendations, changes, to suggest new features or anything else related to this API please Click Here to contact us.

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